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Bridal & Bespoke

With extensive experience in diamond sourcing, Raliegh Goss works closely with private clients to source the perfect stone to fit their desires and needs. Specialising in important and coloured diamonds paired with contemporary chic designs, clients watch their desire for something precious unfold. All diamonds are ethically sourced .

The Story begins with the Desire for Something Precious

Emrald Cut Daimond

From the Precious to the Page

Once the client has chosen the perfect stone, Raliegh Goss works closely with them to discuss design possibilities and other components to create their dream jewel. Raliegh Goss presents signed hand drawn sketches and painted designs to the client, which they keep.

bespoke client design sketch
bespoke client design sketch of ring

From the Page to Three Dimensional

Upon completion of the design and sketches a 3D version is designed to give a true representation of the jewel.  At this point the client can hold and see what the piece will look like and even try for size.

3D Cad ring design
3D Cad ring design

From Three Dimensional to Craftsmanship

Once the design and fitting is perfected, Raliegh Goss manufactures the jewel in house. They are one of the only Jewellers in the UK to design, print, cast, mount, set and polish to create a unique and bespoke piece.

bespoke ring fine jewellery cast for manufacturing
Bespoke fine jewellery ring manufacturing on the bench

From Craftsmanship to the Final Jewel

Once the jewel has been set and polished to perfection it is hallmarked and presented to the client.

Emerald cut diamond ring with pink diamonds
Emerald cut diamond ring with pink diamonds

From the Final Jewel to Its rightful owner

The ring has been presented to the client who will see it for the first time, set, shiny and sparkly on their person. They are then given a luxurious leather and suede box to keep it in, or for that special gift.

Raliegh Goss fine jewellery ring box

18 Karat Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring with Natural Fancy Purplish Pink Pave & 3.07 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond - E VS1 GIA Certified Diamond

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