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Updated: Jun 23, 2018

So here it is, I begin the commitment of starting my own blog. I wanted to do this mostly to give you an insight to myself & our business, but also my travels, love, laughs and inspirations. And if you're lucky I'll give you a sneeky insight into the glamorous and sometimes not so glamorous industry that is Jewellery!

If you've gotten this far, and you feel like listening to a little bit of music and your an oldies fan like me click play on the spotify link over there in the right hand corner!

But let me first say how excited we are to have opened our very first store in the lovely coastal town of Burnham Market in North Norfolk just this last Saturday.

Having spent part of my childhood in North Norfolk we are lucky to know lots of lovely people in the area and so naturally moving back here feels like home.

The shop has both the showroom and our workshop on site. We wanted to be as transparent as possible, and make our clientele feel like they could see what happens behind closed doors and see the craftsmanship involved in making something so precious.

And so, I will, when I find time, unravel all of our stories to you. Or the sphere, whoever you are out there...

Cake Xx

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